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Paleo Steak!

The Paleo Diet is one of the leading, and fastest growing diet movement is massive in the US. Pioneered by Dr Loran Cordain, Paleo is set to take the UK by storm. Charlotte Smith, founder of Paleo Polly, is a qualified lawyer and social media marketer who began following the paleo lifestyle in 2012.

Paleo Polly is one of the leading UK based paleo food blogs, specifically targeted at readers within the UK and in particular London and the North of England with an audience of over 70,000 hits a month.Updated daily Paleo Polly offers paleo recipes, paleo food features, and paleo articles targeted at a demographically diverse readership. Paleo Polly has an excellent presence on social media channels including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Paleo Polly loves working with like-minded businesses, to help promote and shout about their products. If you think your business aligns with the concept of this blog and you would love for Paleo Polly to shout about your business and products, please get in touch. 

Below are a number of ways in which Paleo Polly can work with you:-

Advertising Packages: Banner advertisements are available for purchase in different sizes. Advertisements will link through to your website.

Featured Supplier Services & Brand Ambassador: Paleo Polly offers dedicated product features and reviews, all reviews will include our genuine opinion on your company’s product. There are a number of different ways in which we can work together, including one off reviews; or the creation of a more longstanding relationship. For Brand Ambassador Services, this can be done in many ways (through recipe development, sponsored posts, social media promotion, etc.)

Competitions and Giveaways: A great way of raising brand awareness, why not run a competition or give away for Paleo Polly Readers.

Simply email paleopolly(at) or submit your interest, via our contact form.


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