Paleo Cookery School

Ready in less than 20 minutes, from fridge to plate
Ready in less than 20 minutes, from fridge to plate

Paleo Cookery School

Like the idea of paleo cooking, but, need some:-

  • Recipe inspiration?
  • Cooking tips?
  • One to One Coaching?

Learning a completely new style of cooking can be tough! Ever made Zoodles or a Paleo Lasagne? How about sweet potato brownies, or cauliflower rice? It’s a totally new way of cooking.

Be you an expert cook, or a complete novice, Polly will firstly:-

  • Have an initial telephone consultation, to discuss your eating, and lifestyle habits.
  • She will then work with you to create a recipe portfolio, which we will practice, together during the sessions.
  • You will receive a laminate recipe pack, so you can store and keep all your favourite recipes.
  • In the one to one sessions, with the option of Polly, teaching in your kitchen, you will be guided step by step through each cooking method.


  • Easy, simple family favourites.
  • Paleo Comfort Foods.
  • Paleo Desserts.
  • Paleo Lunches.
  • Paleo Dinner Parties.

All are just wonderful ideas of what you can achieve at the Cookery School!

For more information, and to receive a free, no obligation quote, simply complete the contact form outlined below.


3 thoughts on “Paleo Cookery School

    • Hi Janine,
      No, I am not, but I know the ladies at Paleo Britain. My name’s Charlotte, I’ve been blogging on paleo for just over a year now- prior to that I had a blog called Cooking Fairy. Thanks for reading & hope you enjoy the site.

  1. I have been really interested in this lifestyle for a while but all information, products etc was either from the USA or Australia. I can’t tell you how excited I am to discover you. Hopefully you will help to make it easier for me to follow paleo; everyone needs to discover the paleo way! Hopefully as more and more people discover paleo we can influence government policy on food (because current advise is just so wrong) and in time combat the supermarkets who are only ever interested in profit!

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